What Wear OS feels for a happy-ish owner of a Pebble in 2021

I’ve been a Pebble / Rebble user since the first Kickstarter campaign, until Feb-2021, when my Pebble Time suddenly drowned on a relaxing day at the pool.
RIP, Pebble.

Pebble went bankrupt, got sold for assets and workers, but it was still live through the community — the “Rebble” platform. After three years of stillness, though, I wanted to upgrade and get more functions. I made my research and was convinced that the TicWatch Pro was my best bet. It took me just a couple of weeks to post a local ad to sell it again… It was horrible. I…

Or: why I’m giving up on Wear OS and going back to Pebble, a dead platform for almost three years… for now.

Disclaimer: this was a never-published draft, from early 2019. I gave up on the text since the device got sold fast (yey) and I was gladly forgetting the dreaded experience. Probably also ran out of time to write it all properly, as usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Do I really need to talk about this?
Alright, alright.

The TicWatch Pro is said to last around 3 days on normal use — by actual users, not only their own marketing team. Mine…

A couple of weeks ago I had asked my kitchen’s Google Nest Mini to set a timer so I could come back and take the meat out of the oven. It was actually a bit surprising as it not only set the “30-min meat timer”, but it also made some funny noises. Once it was done, the actual sound would play repeatedly, as a different timer melody.

Since then I’ve been experimenting with different timer names. …

Um review(?) e percepções sobre alguns quebra-cabeças que experimentei durante a quarentena do COVID-19.

TL;DR « sem tempo irmão, resume ae »

  • uma boa ideia pra decoração
  • milhares de opções, mas quase nada tem estoque
  • malditos marketplaces
  • as opções estrangeiras são lindas — e caríssimas de importar
  • Grow: legal, mas dava pra ter mais variedade de opções
  • Toyster: básico, dá pro gasto, mas pode transformar o passatempo de montagem num livro de baixa resolução do “Onde está o Wally”
  • P.S.: o título original era “micro-impressões”, mas fiquei sem sono — e sim, editores de texto permitem adicionar um post-scriptum no meio do texto, desculpe.

“Putz, outro who falando de hobbies da quarentena”

Er… quase isso. Eu já tinha uma vaga curiosidade com puzzles, mas nunca tive motivação. Enquanto isso, há…

In every decent team project I’ve worked before (that had PRs in place), the merge strategy was to squash all commits into a single one, to be done into the master branch.

In the beginning, it felt odd, as “all my hard work and organized commits” would become a single, standardized blob of sorts. Then I got used to the flow and, well, whatever, right? It works®.

But then it came the time it was me who was deciding the path a team would start to walk through. And the question came, why squash merges? Why rebases? As people say…

I wanted a default git committer that’s different from my default author, as I need to differentiate commits made from my local and testing environments.

This is not as straight-forward as setting name/email as there are no separate configs for author and committer. However, it’s still possible by overriding some environment variables:

Example (at your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile):

GIT_COMMITTER_NAME=”Deploy server”

In case you’ve forgotten/don’t know, you can set default name/user for git commits by editing ~/.gitconfig or running commands like these:

$ git config — global user.name “Igor Santos”
$ git config — global user.email “igor.santos@example.com

This was cross-posted in SO as I think it’s a good place to ask that kind of thing, and I couldn’t find such question anywhere. Not even on Google :O

Numa tentativa de fixar melhor os conteúdos e aprendizados que tive no primeiro evento do qual participei esse ano, seguem minhas percepções da minha participação na terceira edição da PHPExperience, do iMasters.

Nota: os títulos das palestras aqui são de minha autoria, ok? :)

Os keynotes foram bons em geral, e houve pouco (mas não nenhum) marketing e poucas figurinhas “se vendendo”.
As palestras também foram muito boas, bem organizadas e planejadas, no timing correto e bem honestas — ao menos as que eu vi, já que gastei boa parte do tempo em networking, revendo e conversando com a galera.
O evento…

And here I am, facing a simple task of duplicating the original company’s database into a test db, so we can, uh, run tests.

Just a matter of mysqldump ’ing it, you would guess.
Some rare folks would even point to theCREATE TABLE x2 LIKE x1 . Very clever.

But MySQL is not here for you. He’s quite a respectable but buggy guy, in the end. I’m writing this small article to sum up all the resources I found along this adventure, in hope this could help other adventurers out there.

TL;DR: play around with mysqldump and SSH, or use…

Every time a PHP developer runs git diff on the command line a kitten dies:

Hell no! This piece of code is inside a method, not the class :(

Those @@ snippets are called Hunk Headers — because every part of a diff is called a hunk, duh. Unfortunately, git is too stupid to figure out PHP files should be diff’d according PHP syntax, so you need to give it a hand by using a rule on git attributes.

Unfortunately[2], git attributes are not that easy to configure user-wide as config options are (no git global commands), thus here’s the tip:

  1. create the folder if it doesn’t exist: ~/.config/git (or whatever is in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME)

I started my new project using Laravel (more on this later), and as it comes pre-packaged with a Gulp helper called Elixir (facepalm: they misnamed it after the Erlang platform), I decided to migrate the original theme CSS files into Less files.

Why Less, you ask? I don’t know either. In my last project (ProtoBoard, now an abandoned pet) I used Stylus, although I don’t remember the reason as well — probably to use just some of Sass’s syntax (no semicolons) without fear of deprecation or the Sass quirknesses, or maybe because I though I would still need Ruby to…

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